Safety Procedures

uReach leaders have 25+ years of experience combined, taking over 9,000 trip participants on humanitarian expeditions with a 100% safety record. While travel carries inherent risks, and projects require tools and other safety concerns, uReach has never had anyone seriously injured on any trip due to basic common sense and awareness of surroundings.

Leaders are also available via mobile phone the majority of the time. Each leader caries all medical and contact information for every participant, at all times. In addition to local resources in case of emergency, every participant is required to have medical evacuation insurance.

Minor Protection Policy

We take the safety of minors very seriously. Every adult on a trip with any minors are required to agree to our standards of protection. You can download our policy here.

Description of Travel Insurance

Mission Assure Administered by AG Financial Insurance

Accidental Death & Dismemberment $100,000

Accident Permanent Total Disability $100,000 after 365 waiting period

Emergency Medical Expense Benefit (Guarantee of payment) $10,000

Family Coordination/ Emergency Reunion Benefit $10,000 maximum benefit covers two family members/$1000 per day/ max number days 5

Out of Country Medical Expense Benefit (Injury & Sickness) $100,000 benefit, $0 deductible

Emergency Medical Evacuation 100% of covered expenses

Repatriation of Mortal Remains 100% of covered expenses

Security Evacuation, including natural disaster evacuation $100,000

Foreign General Liability/Auto Liability $2,000,000 per occurrence/ $5,000,000 aggregate $2,000,000 Contingent Auto

Pre-existing Conditions Treated as any other medical condition

War Coverage (AD&D, Medical & Evac) Worldwide

A word about safety from our founder:

Baja Safety Letter for download

Nicaragua Safety Letter for download

Zambia Safety Letter for download

Assumption of Risk

Download our Assumption of Risk here

Special Safety Notice: 2022 Summer Trips and COVID 19

As we approach our Summer 2022 trips with caution, we know that there are people in desperate need. In our country, people who have been deemed essential such as those working in construction, as grocery store workers, first responders, etc. must weigh the balance of caution versus need. In that spirit, we will be taking willing participants to Baja, while maintaining the proper caution that is warranted. The following guidelines are meant to protect both the vulnerable and immunocompromised on both sides of the border. We have attempted to apply information from OSHA and the CDC to our context.

Due to a wide variety or convictions about vaccination, uReach does not require vaccination. The scientific consensus shows that COVID 19 vaccines have a very limited effect on the transmission of COVID 19, but do show significant efficacy in severity of disease once contracted. Therefore, we encourage those in high risk groups who haven’t previously contracted COVID 19 to consult their doctor.

Those with the following conditions should seriously consider not participating in this year’s trips or get a doctor’s consult for proper precautionary steps:

  • Respiratory conditions such as Asthma (moderate to severe), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema, and other such conditions.
  • Diabetes (including type 1, type 2, or gestational)
  • Hemoglobin disorders such as sickle cell disease SCD) and thalassemia
  • Immunocompromised (including cancer treatment, Chronic kidney disease, bone marrow or organ transplantation, immune deficiencies, HIV with a low CD4 cell count and not on HIV treatment, and prolonged use of corticosteroids and other immune weakening medications).
  • Liver disease
  • People aged 65 years and older. Although COVID-19 can affect any group, the older you are, the higher your risk of serious disease. Eight out of ten deaths reported in the U.S. have been in adults 65 years or older; the risk of death is highest among those 85 years or older. The immune system weakens with age, making it harder to fight off infections. Older adults commonly have chronic diseases that can increase the risk of severe illness from COVID-19.

Anyone who has possible warning signs for COVID in the 5 days prior to the trips should not come,  and will be refunded 100% or get a negative COVID test to protect others.

Possible warning signs:

  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Muscle pain
  • Sore throat
  • New loss of taste or smell

The following guidelines will help us protect our teams:

  • We will be sanitizing all cooking facilities daily.
  • People who are sick will be isolated until a negative test can be obtained.
  • And other possible precautions that are beneficial will be used.

To protect the communities around us:

  • We will limit community exposure when necessary.
  • Abiding by all local safety procedures and safety precautions.

We will have activities that make us part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

Feel free to reach out to us at 707.310.2665 or [email protected] with any questions.

Donwload this COVID 19 Guideline sheet here

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