Why should you donate your Aircraft to uReach?

Because we will use the proceeds to change peoples lives!

When you give to uReach, your gift goes to helping people. Housing, education, clean water, health, job training, equality for women – these are what your gift helps fund for people who desperately need help.

When you donate an aircraft, it helps these people directly. We aren’t a middle-man who gives some of the proceeds to a nonprofit somewhere, we are the actual charity.

Our staff, volunteers, and partners build houses, drill wells, bring education to children, train teenagers for better jobs, bring medical treatment to the sick, protect women, and more. But none of this happens without heroes. Our donors and volunteers are our REAL heroes.

You can change the world for someone with your donation. You can save a life. You can be the change you want to be.

uReach can take aircraft donations in most places in the U.S., but we can’t take every type because we aren’t a for-profit, processing company (like most vehicle donation sites). We deal directly with our donors. Sometimes, we have our staff members work with you and sometimes, we have our donation partners handle the donation due to location or complexity.

If you want more information, just fill out the form and we’ll get right back to you. If you want to talk to us before offering your donation, reach out to us via our contact page – we’d love to talk.

StudentReach is a 501(c)(3) and all donations are eligible for a tax deduction in accordance with state and local tax codes and IRS guidelines. Want more information? Read more here…

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