John Steinbeck said about Baja California: “There is always in the back of our minds the positive drive to go back again.  If it were lush and rich, one could understand the pull, but it is fierce and hostile and sullen. The stone mountains pile up to the sky and there is little fresh water. But we must go back if we live, and we don’t know why.”

There is just something about Baja California. The indigenous Oaxacan people are gracious and desperate for help.  The desert landscape is foreboding and inviting at the same time. The ocean is dangerous and calming. uReach volunteers have built over 100 homes, schools, and other projects in the area, but an estimated 20,000 families need adequate housing.

U can help. U can be the most awesome version of yourself for one week. We can help U reach higher and farther than you thought you could.

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