Hope Village Zambia

Providing a safe shelter for teen girls at risk of being forced into early child marriage.

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In Zambia due to cultural traditions, and extreme poverty, 1 in 10 girls is forced into early child marriage. Once a girl is married she is highly unlikely to finish school and will most likely become a mother right away. The inability to finish school continues the cycle poverty in her family as she is unable to get a job or achieve any of her dreams.

Our goal with Hope Village Zambia is to give teen girls a safe and caring environment in which to live while they finish their education. Finishing school will give them the opportunity to pursue a career and will in turn begin to break the cycle of poverty within their community.

With your help we will build the facilities needed to house the first twelve girls. We dream that someday, Hope Village Zambia will house dozens of girls and perhaps end the practice of early forced child marriage in this community.

Thank you for being a part of this truly life-changing project!